Product Evaluation Services

We have 40,000 square feet of manufacturing and product evaluation services space in our southern North Carolina location and 5,000 square feet of product evaluation space in our central North Carolina location.  We help our customers evaluate their finished production for errors, imperfections, and manufacturing counts.

We like to say "we pride ourselves on the success of our customers."  We work hard behind our customers to make sure they have a go to market product that has gone through an inspection process that reassures our customers their products are as they expect.

If you have a product that requires evaluation after manufacturing we can help.  Please send us your product for an evaluation quote.  You list the parameters, we work to meet your needs.


Typical products we evaluate:

- Polymer Pieces

- Injection Molding Parts

- Sewn Products

- Metal Parts

And other types, just ask.

There are no products listed under this category.